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Kodewin Systems is a secure, automated proposal scoring and bid selection system to vet suppliers and quickly generate the best offer. Our web-based platform assists buyers with day to day tasks including writing RFPs, soliciting bids and evaluating proposals. Kodewin offers a quick question and answer method for suppliers to submit offers and streamlines the traditional proposal writing process.

“The Kodewin team helped me enormously. The process of putting an RFP together helped me to focus, and zero in on details that had not yet been well thought out, which was an exercise that was much needed. I was very pleased with the product. ”

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Revolutionize your procurement process at no cost to you! Submit your projects and RFPs with ease and get offers from high-quality suppliers. To get started, simply sign up for a FREE account to enjoy all these benefits:

  • Create Custom RFPs and Bids
  • Automated Scoring and Selection System
  • Ask Key Questions to your Suppliers
  • Identify best offer and rankings in real-time
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Boost your business with access to thousands of potential projects to bid on. Connect with buyers to secure lucrative contracts across a variety of industries. To get started, sign up for a FREE account and get access to these features:

  • Submit Answers to key questions
  • View Scoring Criteria
  • Receive Automatic Notification for Projects
  • Fast Award Notifications

Connections with Kodewin

Connect with high-quality partners and providers for your next procurement project on Kodewin. We work with top names in industries such as:


How it works

Transform your sales and procurement process with our user-friendly system for RFP and bid submission. See how easy it is to submit, score and select a winner using Kodewin and save money by reducing overhead.