eLogistics Consulting

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Kodewin is the ultimate connector between manufacturers, wholesalers, and dealers of obsolete and seasonal inventories reaching alternative markets. When you want to sell your products to the other business authorities (B2B) for the utmost business fulfillment, we pledge to be the bridge between you with our smooth supply channel at an affordable cost. We will continue to improve and modify our logistics, so that we can offer the best and most cost-effective services.

The objectives of our logistics strategy:

  • Variable cost reduction (relating inventories, transportation)
  • Capital investment reduction
  • Service improvement

Kodewin reduces the variable costs related to product carrying and dispatch to the customers. In accordance with the distance, carrying costs may vary. We always research how costs can be reduced and the savings retained.

Your benefit is our satisfaction! 

Huge capital investment is a reason that inhibits customer profits.  Let us conduct a thorough review of your inventory assets.

Buyers and sellers always want service improvement. Therefore, we  take great care in suggesting inventory-reduction improvements, exact-destination delivery and solving the issues related to the supply-channel efficiency.

        How Kodewin employs the logistic strategy


We review current transportation services  to determine if it is up to industry standards and pass the desired expectation level. Our service goal is to provide the ultimate satisfaction to buyers and sellers.   

        Competitor justification

We review strategies and offers of other competitors and modify our offer to your advantage.

        Information collection

We collect exact and real-time information from buyers and sellers, so that no misunderstanding occurs.

        Logistic system analysis

We analyze the data of the entire logistic system to find any loopholes. If any needed improvement is identified, we make immediate recommendations.

       Strategy review

We always review the logistic strategy to determine whether it is on the right track and meets the expected demand of the customers and sellers. If not, we offer immediate recommendations for its modification so that your business will run without interruption.

We believe that successful implementation of logistics-strategy analysis will help grow a lucrative business.  We strive to reach the highest possible level of success with the right strategy in supply chain management.