To list items on Kodewin and become one of the satisfied sellers of obsolete inventories, seasonal goods and more, you'll need to inform us about the details of your products and everything essential so that customers feel an urge to buy.

Never forget to mention the name of your business and brands. You must have an e-mail ID and a permanent telephone number.

Clearly explain what the product is, how much it costs per piece, and how it will be beneficial for users. Capture beautiful product images, the image of the sealed package, etc., before registering your products to this page.

How to list products for sale:

  • First create an account by clicking "Suppliers Add Your Products Register Button."
  • Categorize your inventory - It is essential to sort groups of inventories and label them.
  • Clearly explain about the product(s)  - Give short descriptions of the inventories, which will foster sales.
  • Give simple, plain explanations before the buyer's attention wanes. Describe each product if the functionality, capacity or sizes varies.
  • Visual appeal - The image is essential for better product authentication.
  • Video - You can also upload video files.  A page for buyers becomes more appealing and reliable when a video file is available.
  • Explain the characteristics - Point out special benefits and differences.
  • Testimonials - If previous users of the inventory are satisfied and have placed testimonials, submit them. If you have testimonials as a good seller, upload them as well.
  • Product comparisons - If you have a subsection for different inventories of the same group, customers can see features at a glance to determine the best buy.
  • Social proof - When first-time buyers learn that other people are using the same inventories reliably, they will be confident to buy.

Update all the information, images, videos and other data to the Upload Files option and your personal or enterprise details to the box allocated.

All of your beneficial details will be posted to the Buy Page.