Free benefits for our successful users:


  1. List bid opportunities for free
  2. Select from quality suppliers
  3. Obtain competitive pricing


  1. Sell to new customers
  2. Turn inventory faster
  3. Discover hidden markets

Think best, feel best and deal best with Kodewin!

Our Services for Buyers:

  1. List bid opportunities to find suppliers.
  2. Instructions to list bid opportunities click here.

Our Services for Suppliers:

  1. Bid on opportunities and win new business.
  2. Instructions to bid on opportunities click here.
  3. 2% fee assessed on awarded bids.

Why Kodewin’s service is unique :

  1. Our staff hold purchasing certifications.
  2. We work behind the scenes to ensure your posts are successful.
  3. We are your single source resource to find suppliers and buyers.

Important User Information:

  1. Only new products can be requested and sold through Kodewin.
  2. Users who require dual access as both a buyer and supplier must contact
  3. Supplier payments occur through PayPal. To receive payments, suppliers must setup a PayPal account click here
  4. Suppliers are responsible for shipping.