Kodewin is the bridge to selling your products to the entire world of customers. There are many buyers for your unwanted/unneeded inventories and Kodewin can connect you to them! There’s no need for concern in selling your products to distant customers we’ll coordinate it all.

We constantly strive to connect buyer and sellers to new markets that are looking for products buyer buy and seller want to sell! List your goods. Check out what’s for sale. Experience the Kodewin difference.

Whether you are a buyer or seller, Kodewin is the efficient and effective bridge that connects to a stronger bottom line.

Where Kodewin’s service is unique

  • Kodewin is the ultimate resource wherein you will get superior service.
  • Urgent product pickup and delivery with affordable carrying and delivery rates.
  • Free and Easy upload and listing process of your saleable goods.
  • Extra care given of your goods from pick-up to delivery, each time – every time.
  • Quick response given to any communication, questions, or complaint.

Think best, feel best and deal best with Kodewin!

Our Services

Benefits to You, the Supplier

  • Suppliers upload inventory as required to post items for sale on the Kodewin.com website
  • Inventory is posted for a short term
  • 15% commission charged on items sold
  • Buyers can see your inventory and make purchases
  • Listings on Kodewin.com are free

  • Kodewin.com sells your inventory by providing buyers visibility and access 365/24/7

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